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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
You are correct, it is my logic that makes no sense. Your logic on the other hand makes perfect sense, not sure why I didn't see it before, talking or texting and driving is perfectly safe, maybe even drinking too, I mean its victimless when you get caught before an accident has occured so you shouldnt get a ticket/charge...yep your logic is brilliant!

Don't arrest that man officer he only TRIED to kill me LOL
I actually never said it was safe (& again life is unsafe), but in the Context of this event - texting while in near Gridlock at 10kph its assinine to ticket for that & site 'safety' its just a cash grab, quota to be met scenerio - imo.

Driving is inherently Un-Safe. we whip down 1 lane hi-ways at 80kph/50mph with a painted line & belief/hope that the guy going the other way in the 3000+ pounds of steel is awake, not drunk, responsible, etc. its an illusion of being in Control.
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