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Germanian Tire? NAPAllemagne?

Briefly, I need a website or web vendor that equals a German version of Canadian Tire or NAPA. Anybody know one?

Rant follows:

I've surfed like mad and even tried to Google-Earth the one small German city I've luck.

I've got a 1986 E30 320i that spent its years until 2008 in Serbia. It's the Euro-spec's Euro-spec.

To get a distributor cap my wife's Irish cousin had to find one for me and my sister in law hand carried it back.That was easy, but I can't send relatives to Europe every time I need a part. To get an ECU I ordered from a junkyard in Frankfurt. That was easy, but I don't always want used parts.

Now I need a perfectly ordinary upper rad hose, but that rad hose is attached to an M20B20, L-Jet, non-cat, no-AC motor that never came to North America. There's no commonality with the car model drop down lists that North American parts sellers (even the ones called Euro-etc) provide for E30s. For starters, my car is a 6 cylinder 320i, not any kind of 325. To make it even more fun there are two different versions of cooling hoses for early and late E30 320i-s so even the very cool silicone hose set I found in England doesn't replace 1 of the four hoses it'd make sense to change.

Starting to feel an engine and trailing arms swap in my future... anybody got a donor 325is?

Rant over, please send contact info for a good German NAPA store.
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