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wow, you guys are some hardcore statists, huh.

Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
You lost me at one is a victimless is only a crime so it doesn't lead to a non victimless situation. It is a crime to speed too but when you get a ticket for that you dont say it is victimless (because you have yet to hurt someone) therefore the charge should be dropped. Your thinking is pre accident, it isnt about what it stopped that moment rather what it could stop in the the next time you drive and wish to use your cell or speed etc.

I find it ironic you can defend the act when its a fellow citizen yet then show how a cop caused a accident while doing it, you cant play both sides of the line, you either agree it is an act that can lead to injury and therefore a law which you agree should be enforced or you don't. If you don't the cop did nothing wrong either and shit just happens.

There is no evidence proving that we are better drivers while using our cellphone, quite the opposite.
holy logical fallicies & for the love of social conditioning & Pre-Crime bro
again your logic is like: people Could get hurt, so we'd better kill them all so they'll be Safe.
And I appreciate your opinion on what you think I may or may not think & what side of some line its on - but i do not agree.

Like the cop hitting someone - he was ticketed, ticketed for careless causing an actual Accident. not the percieved future possibility that he Might hit someone. its like: all men have penises does this mean they should all be charged for some possible future rape they may do? I mean they have penises right?

as for the other police pictures this was in wasted effort to show - this is what the majority of the public think from seeing it 1st hand: DO as we Say not as we Do.

Originally Posted by Discostar View Post
I have seen many of your posts in the off topic forum, and for the most part there is validity to the points you make.

But you’re only fooling yourself if you actually believe what you just wrote there.

Maybe you should re read it to yourself a few times. Then go do your research and see if your opinion changes. There is a very good reason why this law was put in place. It wasn’t cause the government was looking for a new avenue for profit. There are many ways they could accomplish that.

I for one support it. If you get caught texting in stop and go traffic, who is to say you wouldn’t later get comfortable with the idea and start texting at speed, or possibly on the Hwy one day, or maybe rolling down a street at a 40km/h crawl, and some young kid runs out from behind a car, but your nose is too buried in a text to notice (which you could have responded to 10 to 15mins later when you reach your destination, or just pull over if its that urgent) and you end that kids life, or turn them into a quadriplegic leaving the family with a life time of dependency, or the loss of a child.
research, its been done. here's some: most red light camera intersections have shorter yellows to generate revenue. Studies showed that Our local goverment will happily jeopordize the safety & actual lives of your children or their mothers for the Money, as rear end accidents are higher at those intersections, From people trying to avoid a Ticket or monitary loss. other studies have compared roads with higher speed limits in other nations & found that it does not mean higher accidents or death. oddly it was found that hi-ways that were less policed had Less accidents & death compared to heavily policed hi-ways. wow imagine that when people aren't worried about losing all their money to mobile tax collectors they can actually pay attention the fuk'n road- Amazing.

as for 'kid runs out from behind a car' kinda red hearing, heart strings type stuff, no. what if that kids parents taught little tire stain to not run out into the road because they'll die? ya know basic good parenting stuff. all these what ifs, all this future seeing - lifes not safe people. what if you trip & fall down the stairs, better ban stairs? what if people stab each other - better ban kitchen knives - in fact everything pointy Everywhere! men could sexually assault someone - better cut off all mens pointy penises.
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