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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
see: one is victimless crime with a profit driven motive to suck money out of already over taxed people. the other one has actual property damage & possible injury to people. the end game of your logic is that to keep us safe we must ban driving! or have the gov watch us drive with a 100K p/year beaurocrat intently watching our every action with that in cabin cctv, ready to assume control at any moment to keep us all 'safe'

You lost me at one is a victimless is only a crime so it doesn't lead to a non victimless situation. It is a crime to speed too but when you get a ticket for that you dont say it is victimless (because you have yet to hurt someone) therefore the charge should be dropped. Your thinking is pre accident, it isnt about what it stopped that moment rather what it could stop in the the next time you drive and wish to use your cell or speed etc.

I find it ironic you can defend the act when its a fellow citizen yet then show how a cop caused a accident while doing it, you cant play both sides of the line, you either agree it is an act that can lead to injury and therefore a law which you agree should be enforced or you don't. If you don't the cop did nothing wrong either and shit just happens.

There is no evidence proving that we are better drivers while using our cellphone, quite the opposite.
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