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Monday, October 29, 2012 --

It's a while I've been hoping that when this day would come, everything would go nice and smoothly. Thankfully it did. My rear subframe dropped without any problems. I took it down as a whole. I placed a transmission lifter to hold it up as I backed the big bolts that come down from under the rear seats. As I started to remove the nuts, I felt that the subframe was coming down on her own. Dropped the car down and placed two jack stands on each side and a car jack under the diff. Maybe pouring Rost Off down into the holes for a week helped.

Moved on to removing the front crossmember and steering rack etc;

Block off plate for the blower motor in the engine bay was cleaned, sanded and painted with a wrinkle high heat. It's the same paint I used to paint my Valve Cover. Came out great.

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