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Originally Posted by defaultName View Post
Maybe it was a UK thing?
Could very well be considering the number of individual cars they get over there, however I would venture to say it was a european market only thing.

Here is where this post takes an ironic twist.. I couldn't believe the irony when this took place. Long story short, I met an older BMW collector over the weekend, we spoke because he had something rare that I wanted, and during our conversation we naturally spoke about various old BMWs, parts, etc. During the conversation he mentioned a Macao Blue M Tech II motorsport convertible he had... needless to say I sent him the link and he said yup that's the same car as his with the exception of the rear spoiler. His is LHD, original German car from Bavaria and the only difference he pointed out was that his has no spoiler (which he prefers) and that he'd be interested in seeing more detailed photos of the interior because a key feature on his is that everything is leather, all the way down to the rear ashtray, it's a complete motorsport leather interior. He said the numbers are also correct in that there were a limited number produced, and that he only knew of one other which is in south Bavaria. Arches, tails, seats etc. is all the same. He also mentioned something about the car also being offered in nogaro silver metalic, making them the only 325's to be offered in a motorsports ltd. ed. package with what at the time were M3 reserved colour codes.

All this after never having actually found one of these cars prior to last week.
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