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Originally Posted by ZiMMie View Post
try to bargain with them and get this below deal for the $50.

Fido is now offering this for 57+taxes, see if they can beat it.

- Call Display with Name Display and WhoCalled
- Canada-Wide Calling
- Visual Voicemail Plus
- 2,500 Call Forwarding minutes
- Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing/Picture and Video messaging
- Unlimited Anytime minutes
- Unlimited Incoming calls
- Unlimited Evenings and weekends
- Unlimited Canada-wide long distance
- 1GB data
Holy sh!t that is good. Is it just me or is this plan pretty much unlimited everything? (1gb of data is basically unlimited these days with wifi almost everywhere)

I'm thinking I'll pick up the new Nexus 4 w/ no contract and give Fido a call.

OP, tell Telus about that plan and see what their retention specialists can do to persuade you to stay with them
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