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This one is for the iPhone/smartphone junkies regarding plans

My blackberry is finally starting to give in...

I have been with telus for 6 years and gave them a call today.

I'm still deciding on either iPhone 5 and Samsung 3.

Now I will admit, I know a lot...but I really don't know much about data and phones nowadays because I never particularly seen them as a must have.

I would like to know, if what was put together for me is good or not. I think the new plan applies to either phone.

Blackberry 8330 (google that shit!)
250 minute talk plan for $20
Unlimited text
Blackberry Social Networking (BBM, FB, Twit, myspace) $15
Call waiting/forwarding
system access fee
6 PM Weekend/evenings
$42 +tax

New Plan
iPhone 5 / Samsung 3
300 minutes
unlimited text in and out pictures voice included
call waiting
call forwarding
conference calling
1 gig data
5pm evenings / weekend
voice mail
$50 + tax

I know the old plan is worse than the new plan, but in terms of plans and such, I am not so sure where the new plan stands...

Thanks in advance!

finally, soon people can stop complaining about having a blackberry more than I complain about my phone itself :p
R.I.P. E30
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