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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post

So what is it, you confessed to a crime you didn't commit or you were infact texting (using your phone) on the gardiner during traffic and fully deserve the ticket. Sorry but I get nervous watching peoples heads bob up and down in traffic or at a light knowing they are texting and wondering if I am about to get rear ended because of that stupid 13 year old girl shit. The cop was right on both counts, if you had a passenger they could have texted for you ( or wait a text has to literally come from your fingers or you admit to talking on the phone too? ). And secondly he was right gving you the ticket. Be a man, pay the fine and realize your shit is not worth hitting someone else and ruining their day or taking their life. And word to the wise, get your story straight if you fight it, based on your OP you need to polish the lie up.
I'm not a distracted driver. I'm always fully aware of the road and my surroundings. Never had a ticket, nor been in any type of accident. So it has been fine for so many years to text and talk, and then it becomes the law.
Thats the same thing as in germany if they put the speed limit to 100, and someone gets caught 140..

I wasn't talking on the phone nor do i ever do it either.
And no i don't want to pay this ticket for no reason, when there are 1000's of other rules that are broken that are 10x worse than this.
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