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Sometimes I get carried away.

I have my own opinion on the current state of the 'automobile'.

• Yes I think new cars are cool looking (some times).
• Yes I think they can do all kinds of safety testing and make cars more efficient than they did in the past.
•Yes occupant safety in most cases is better now than ever.

On another note there are hindrances to the auto enthusiast that never existed before:
• Emissions tests for 88 and newer up (up to 7 years old exempt?)
• More toy-oriented features which weigh more, that you can do at home.
• Component based parts, can't just change a bearing now, can't just change an o-ring... Some components are easily swapped so no need to rebuild anything (but sorry you can't change that $1 plastic part it comes with a larger component. Cost: $700)
• Can't swap an engine, all kinds of laws and tests and computers that don't jive with this or that... My car won't function properly because I disabled the ABS. Who really needs ABS? I've driven for 14 years and never needed it once. Maybe I'm just a good statistic.
• GPS everything, nobody can read a map anymore... they blindly follow GPS instructions even if they think they are wrong... I've seen people go totally the wrong way.

My point?

Speaking for the enthusiast, we don't like to be messed around with. Let me take care of my car and maintain it. I don't need an mp3 player, a back massager, traction control, steering assist, levitation, object avoidance systems, so on and so forth. It's great that some people want/need those things, not me. And it certainly shouldn't become REQUIRED!

"But my ford focus parks itself... it's better!..." no you're pathetic and need to be hit over the head with a rubber hammer.

"My 'future' car drives itself! I can sleep on the way to the office..." Congrats! you just bought your very own public transport system for $100,000, that you need to maintain by taking it to overpriced techno-wannabes who overcharge you. Why not just take the train/bus/cab? Or if you're so rich get a private limo & driver.

You may think I'm a technophobe but I'm quite the opposite. I just don't need any help with the operation of my vehicle, I enjoy all the feel and control and danger comes with the activity. I do all the work myself because I don't feel like having to train people how the car functions every time.

Example: I took my car in for the custom stainless exhaust (headers - back) and the monkeys managed to bust off my ignition wire harness. Who would have thought it was bolted to the valve cover? "It was already like that" I'm like... no it wasn't. Bloody monkey! lol

The e30 just happens to strike a pretty happy balance, somewhere between old and new. Modern enough (still has features that a Hyundai doesn't to this day) yet old enough for that road feel and simplicity.

To each their own, and all that jazz. Some people have more money than they really need and they piss it away, kudos to them on money well spent! (sarcasm)

Performance one step at a time.

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