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Originally Posted by Nick_V View Post
Whether or not you fight it, the only outcome that matters, insurance-wise, is if you get it dismissed. Getting it reduced is ok for your wallet short-term, but it still counts as a minor conviction on your insurance. Points don't mean shit, either, as far as insurance goes. Most companies will let one minor conviction slide without bumping your rates, but a lot will cancel you for having two. So, either you just pay it and hope to not get another conviction in the next three years, or you fight it and hope it gets dismissed. It's not worth it to pay to fight it for a reduction - some paralegals will guarantee a dismissal or your money back. That's what I'd look for.
I haven't see many companies cancel based only on 2 minors. 1 minor will cost you the conviction free discount (if you had it previously) 2 can earn you a surcharge. NOW, if you add an at fault accident to those 2 minors - that can get you non-renewed/cancelled. That is why its important to fight the conviction. Not because you are trying to preserve your discount or dodge a small surcharge, but to keep some wiggle room on your record for a future situation.

Originally Posted by blakneto View Post
Fight it... Have the cop prove his case... Best situation is he doesnt show up.
There are no points for this, but the ticket will be on you record for 3-6 years and cost you waaaaaaaaaay more... Maybe reduce the fine, but you want the ticket gone from your record....
Any conviction is off your record 3 years from the date you are found guilty. (either the offience date - if you just pay it, or the court date) Only suspensions/cancellations are 6 years.

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