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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
There should be a crack in the U joint where that bolt was... try to wedge something in there to spread it a bit and spray more penetrant in there.
Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

A few pics.

Engine bay with the hopefully soon to be removed steering rack.

Parts that will be up for sale after the conversion is complete. Parts are in really good shape, very dirty and some very light surface rust but that's it.

Differernce between the e21 and e36 crossmembers.

I believe I measured the space between mounting points of the e21 as 710 mm (bottom crossmember) and the e36 at 790 (top crossmember). Unfortunately it doesn't appear that I will be able to use the stock e36 engine mounts as it looks like they will hit the frame rails...

As I've stated before, I'm going to have to make an adapter plate that will mount to the stock e21 crossmember location and will allow me to mount the e36 crossmember. Difficult to explain without a picture but this will allow me to center the e36 front suspension/rim/tire in the wheel well. Gotta get the e36 PS rack and coilovers first...

Also, just thinking ahead here. I'm sure I'll have to change the brake master cylinder given that I'll be inheriting much bigger brakes. Any suggestions? I hear the e12 master cylinders are a direct fit, is this recommended or will the stock e21 master cylinder suffice?
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