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Originally Posted by ha9981 View Post
The car is a 07 328i automatic rear wheel drive. The dealer said everything that was wrong with it was not covered. The transmission issue I was never aware of until I tried out somebody elses car.

I WANTED THEM TO COVER THE CLUNKING SOUND!!! That was a major PO. I am going to drop of the car this time for the whistle from blower motor, the jerky shifts, and the clunk.

Which dealer should I go to? I tried Maranello as they were famed everywhere, literally drove from Oshawa only to have to face a terrible girl at the service desk who claimed my appointment was never there. When they finally found my appointment they dismissed everything as not covered under CPO. I think I got unluckly, may give them another chance with weekday staff, their new person who books service appointments is really good, I think the old one got layed off or something. Thats a relief.
I've never had issues at Maranello but if you're coming all the way from Oshawa you may want to try BMW Toronto / Parkview BMW as they are closer locations to you with a decent reputation. Although, Maranello is a sponsor here so mentioning you're a MaxBimmer forum member when talking with the SA may provide better pricing. Good luck.
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