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never plead guilty if you go to court. the court doesn't really care about excuses. at the end of the day as others have stated you want the ticket dismissed / dropped.

bargaining with the prosecutor on the day of the trial for a lesser fine is still an infraction no matter what and insurance doesn't care if it's a $10 fine with no points or $300 fine with points. It's still an infraction. The points determine if it's a minor or major...etc. but either way you are toasted on insurance rates.

the way I see it you have a few options:

1 - ask for full disclosure document. you must ask for this a few times. and hope that you don't get it.
2 - if you never receive the documents - you are in good shape and on day of trail - state you never received disclosure.
3 - if you do receive the disclosure documents see if it's completely water tight.
3a - you can try to fight it day of given you know their argument against you or observation against you. remember - you are not guilty till proven. it's not the other way around. this is a key point. if you go in with the mind set that you are guilty you won't win.
3b - a stay is the best option. crown doesn't lose a case and you don't get charged.
4 - you can hope the cop doesn't show up day of. but don't count on this. cops are now required as part of regular duty to be present.

read through this will definitely put you in better situation to win.
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