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Originally Posted by MANDD View Post
1. Blower motor whistling noise Covered under CPO

2. Worn tan door handle - Not covered under CPO and is stated in the CPO warranty. ***No trim water leaks or body noises are covered***

3. Clunking sound when engaging into Drive or Reverse - Covered under CPO ***Get checked ASAP as there is an issue with the rear differential for the E90, If your car is an XI then there is a recall on the front driveshaft bolts***
(Indicate your model)

4. Moisture seeps into headlight - Not covered under CPO and is stated in the CPO warranty. ***Depending on the production date of your car the headlight lens can be re-sealed.

5. Transmission shifts jerky - Covered under CPO

Some non covered items may be covered at the dealers discretion under goodwill. This is typically when your vehicle has confirmed service history within the dealer body.

The dealer must be able to confirm your complaints to apply CPO unless you have a good service relationship with the servicing dealer.


The car is a 07 328i automatic rear wheel drive. The dealer said everything that was wrong with it was not covered. The transmission issue I was never aware of until I tried out somebody elses car.

I WANTED THEM TO COVER THE CLUNKING SOUND!!! That was a major PO. I am going to drop of the car this time for the whistle from blower motor, the jerky shifts, and the clunk.

Which dealer should I go to? I tried Maranello as they were famed everywhere, literally drove from Oshawa only to have to face a terrible girl at the service desk who claimed my appointment was never there. When they finally found my appointment they dismissed everything as not covered under CPO. I think I got unluckly, may give them another chance with weekday staff, their new person who books service appointments is really good, I think the old one got layed off or something. Thats a relief.
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