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Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
The car only goes as fast as you'll let it go. Even shit cars like Hyundai can go fast.

Last week I seen a guy in a Mazda 3 2.5 I figured... well he has the same SIZE engine as me but with 24 years of 'improvements' he should kick my ass.

He was ahead of me so I let him try to escape and he couldn't. In fact I had to back off.

A few days later I looked up the Mazda 3 to see what the 'stats' are on that thing. 167hp @6000 (my m20 stock 168hp @5800) And I have a few improvements that shouldn't hurt.

Okay... so much for 'new cars are better' I still have more power after 24 years. Next we have weight. Mazda 3... 2969-3108 lb !!! fat as hell. I know I've trimmed about 3-400lbs of niceties from my car so I have that advantage. Too much USELESS garbage in new cars.

Of course you can't compare an e30 to a Mazda 3, that's like comparing nice apples to shitty apples. The e30 was better designed, better made, adjusted for inflation the $30,000 e30 in 87 would be worth $60,606 in 2012.

Okay, okay... I'm slightly off topic.

Advice to the OP: Save your money until he actually accomplishes this idea of his... The big problem I see is you can't swap to a non-stock engine easily in the newer cars. They check these things now when you get emissions.

If you want to play around get an e30.
Lol someone is very Proud of his e30. Hyundai shitty, mazda shitty, newer bmw still shitty because they have useless garbage right? Lol
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