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Come now, merely obeying the law is not taking a high horse approach. We all like to complain about greedy executives, theives and people who screw others over in general. Do we not wish they be held accountable for their actions. Be careful what you wish for, live by the sword, die by it. Sometimes mistakes carry fines, that is how we hopefully learn by them and not merely minimize.

I mean what did our parents teach us right from wrong for and punish us when we made "mistakes" as you like to say. They were wasting their time, they were wrong, when I broke that window playing ball in the house my dad should have helped me create a lie to tell my mother to help minimize my consequense. That way I could grow up and be the man he always hoped Id be, one who minimizes accountability, plays the system to minimize punishment and avoids being a REAL man. My dad was so horrible growing up, disciplining me...guess he didnt know any better.

What is scary is you who believe fighting a ticket you deserve will raise children yourself. What will you teach them to do when they make a mistake, on purpose lol

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