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Texting ticket?

I was on the gardiner in 5-10 km/h traffic, and i just peeked down to look at a message i got for 2 seconds...

Mind you i hold my phone below the wheel so no way he saw the phone, it was just me looking down for 2 seconds literally.

I don't even know how he saw me look down as he wasn't even beside me, but he decides its a great idea to pull me over on the highway for this and give me a ticket.

He says i pulled you over because you texted... So i thought i would be fair and not fight with him and i said yes i told work traffic is really and i will be late to be on site.
He says your coworker could have done it, i said no it needs to be from me.
He asks if i've had a ticket before or been in trouble with the law, i said never had a ticket in my life (im almost 26)

So... I was being honest and i've never had a ticket... this guy still ends up giving me a lame ass texting ticket.

Question is, fine if he caught me talking on the phone (which i never do)... but how do you proove i was "texting"

I could have said no i wasn't, i was cleaning crumbs off my lap... or i was getting a tissue..

It's not worth it for me to really fight this ticket as its 155$... and then i would have to take a day off (loose my pay that day), and then maybe get my ticket charge lowered?
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