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Originally Posted by defaultName View Post
I'm sure a lot of people do, but I don't see how you can make it profitable.

According to the ad he spent $45,000 plus 4 years of time. The last time the car was for sale I think he was asking $35,000 and now $30,000. Granted this car has a very unique look, and if it was a little more subtle it may be easier to sell. But I think it really comes down to the price.

I think the only way to make money would be if someone wants a car like that for example but can't build it themselves pays you to build it for them.
Unfortunately even at that price difference, it's not going to be enough to make this car sell. I doubt he'll get more than 15 for it, and even then it will take a long time and the right buyer. When it comes to something this custom and peculiar, it's more about the journey to get everything to meet your taste, not getting the best value for your money.

It can definitely be profitable to build them for people but you'll never make any money selling completed cars like this, not even break even, not even remotely close. The trick is to stick to high caliber stuff. Like a rich guy with a Porsche who says make this thing stupid fast, with the coolest upgrades available - here's a check with my signature, put whatever number in the box that you desire.
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