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Bosch 17.5lb injectors greentops for E30 M20 upgrade

Bought these off an vendor who flow-balanced, tested and reconditioned these injectors for my E30 tuning of the M20B25 but I am doing an M50 swap, so no need for these.

This listing is for a set of 6 flow balanced OEM re-manufactured Bosch Type II BMW fuel injectors. These an upgrade for the E30 M20 engine due to their 4 hole spray pattern which improves idle, fuel efficiency, overall performance especially with a mild reflash tune. Find that extra power!


Direct Drop-in Plug & Play Stock Fitment for these BMWs:

- 1998-99 323i/ic/is
- 1988-91 325ix
- 1987-95 325i/is
- 1989-95 525i
- 1993-95 525it
- 1992-95 325i/is
- 1995 M3 / 3.0L
- April,87-1988 528E

"FLOW BALANCED" in house. Installing an unbalanced set of fuel injectors affects idle quality and overall performance. Flow balancing insures that each cylinder gets the same amount of fuel for optimum engine performance.

Asking $90

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