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Great feedback and great suggestions! I agree with you guys 100%. Our classifieds area is one of the largest BMW classifieds in Canada, therefore it's quite difficult to moderate at times.

I'm game to try anything that may work for the community, and to make it much more pleasurable to post an ad.

From the suggestions in this thread, which, if any, do you all think we should look into adding or changing?

1. Having a minimum post count before being able to post in classifieds section. (maybe 40?)

2. Allowing only the OP to post in his or her classified thread.

3. Adding another moderator. This one is a given, but if you're an avid user here, and are interested in helping out the community in moderating, let me know!

Lets keep the discussion going until we hit a solution that we can try out.

...Oh, and as for the last post, this member's classified posts were removed and a temporary ban was placed. Thanks T.Dot.

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