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^^wow that's a really nice car. I'm a sucker for white e30s

Originally Posted by defaultName View Post
I have heard the arguments about wether or not it actually makes a difference. Some say it does and some say it doesn't. For the money though I figured I would give it a try and I needed something to cap of the holes anyways. I have nothing to compare it to so I will probably never know if it is better or not.

I haven't heard of it being damaging or worse for the rack or feeling. Have you?
I won't claim to know much about the PS delete, I looked into it briefly and decided against it and I remember there being heated debate.

I would say to try a normal PS rack that works, then go delete if you really want to after that.

You asked about the flex disc -- it dampens forces between the wheel side of your column and the rack side. Leads to a small amount if dead space when initiating changes-- a lot of cars don't have them and many guys delete it and just use bolts (or an e36rack adapter kit that has perfectly sized spacers) and bolt the two sides hard together so there's no play

On the picture below, flex disc on the right and on the left they've used bolts/spacers to modify another part of the knuckle. You can use the same method to remove the flex disc.


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