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is BMW crazy
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Originally Posted by OVERKILL View Post
IIRC, the build date on mine is early 01, like 03/01 FWIW. Does your 06/00 one have the 5w30 page in the manual?

And I'm curious, what is your oil consumption like and how clean are they under the fill cap? I know when I was shopping around, and from the pictures posted by people doing their valve cover gaskets, the cleanliness range is HUGE! Some are very clean, others disgusting.

One car I looked at, which had been well maintained, but had high mileage was an early build 2000 and it used 1L/1000Km, which I've heard is not uncommon. He, like yourself used nothing but TWS. I've met another couple of M5 owners, one from the GTA, the other, who I consider a friend, and a really good guy, uses Lubro-Moly 10w60. He has an early 2K car as well and it consumes a fair bit, though can't recall exactly how much off the top of my head. The gentleman from the GTA, who's car was, IIRC, a 2001, used less oil. I think 1L/5000Km?

Mine uses 1L/8000Km, which I think is pretty bloody good considering how it is driven. This is with Mobil 1 0w40 in the sump.

Regarding fuel consumption, my other vehicle is an Expedition, so I don't think I need to say any more on that But I was pleasantly surprised by a hand-calculated 28Mpg average on my trip to the east coast and back in the M5 last year.
I will check my manual to see if I have a 5w30 page, but I have read through my manual several times and I can almost certainly say I don't. I will report back.

As far as oil consumption goes, I drive my car (06/00) Hard some days and pretty easy other days..I don't hold back on the on/off ramps and I drive it like a race car when I go to a MAxCruise or the track and when on the HWY I usually cruise at about 140km/h. I burn pretty much no oil (perhaps 500ml?) between oil changes (every 5-6000km's). One thing I've noticed is the oil consumption usually happens towards the 4000km's+ point when the oil thins out?
I also don't have any SAP issues and the under cap/whetever I see under the oil cap is CLEAAAN! The original VANOS on mine is quiet and start up chatter is nearly non existent.

My wife's 09/99 however, under average driving burns a steady 1L/1000-2000 km's. We are constantly keeping an eye on it to top it up. It is to be expected and it is something that is factored in the ownership of the vehicle. Her oil cap underside is clean and the colour of the chain/whatever you can see, is slightly darker than mine. The oil in it gets dirtier a bit quicker though I've noticed and the VANOS, although rebuilt/replaced is loud upon start up but quiets down shortly after. It also has the dreaded SAP code that pops up, but I don't even hear the pump come on, so that perhaps might be it?

I guess the nature of hand built engines, eh?

PS. HWY cruising we average b/w 9.5-11L depending on speed (100-140km/h). Stop and go bumps it up to about 13-14l/100

PSS. I think lileage also plays a factor. Mine has 217000 km's (owned since 160000) and my wife's has 202000 (owned since 195000)
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