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Ah, Id say V8 swap of course but lets be honest here, its about half the price to do an M/S52 with FI. You do get a lot more torque and hp with the LS but its been you are paying for it and there is no guarantee its going to be any more reliable. Ultimately I am not so sure its for everyone, you really have to be into the 'project' frame of mind when you start going down that road as it never really ends. If your just starting out at the track you don't need that kind of power; chances are you wont really be able to use/appreciate it anyways, not that I presume to know your driving history. You would be better off just driving a refreshed M52 stock (as others suggested) and taking a few schools. Learn what you can do with your car and you would be surprised how much faster you can be compared to higher horsepower competitors. This is assuming that your primary use of 300hp is more than just highway pulls and bragging rights.
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