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My first lapping day

I can finally post in this thread, having gone to my first lapping session yesterday at Cayuga (finally).

I have literally zero modifications to my car (other than bilstein dampers) and, as such, I was using the regular semi-metallic brake pads I had mounted at the time. Here's what happens into turns 1 and 2:

On stock brakes, I could only really manage 4 laps at a time without having the pedal go to the floor. I think for next track day, to better use my time I will perform the following upgrades:

Ceramic (perhaps racing-spec) pads
Braided lines
Re-bleed brakes prior to the day

Thoughts? Will the pads/lines really help as much as I think they will? I have no idea how long or how well the stock e36 (non m3) brakes should last on a track.
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