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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
It blows my mind that this car is not sold yet!
257k is quite a lot. Generally people want a newer model with lower mileage. The BMW market is not like the Toyota market. It caters to different kind of people. Generally newer cars at 200k+ are tough to sell, but if this sat still for the next 2 years. It would probably sell for almost the same price as it would sell for today.

Its partially psychological and logical on the part of the buyers.

The way I evaluate it is as follows:
-You are buying a car that will have almost no resale after one year because it should pass nearly 290k for an avg Canadian. So you pretty much put all ur $k investment to drive it to death. Plus the maintenance and risk with higher mileage, I mean every car on the market claims to be pure highway, they probably are. But it doesn't mean your wheels were static for thousands of km and there was no vibration. Also reading the maintenance books you realize that after such mileage one is advised to do some maintenance that generally cars don't need as the effective life of the car is over by then. Maintenance is expensive, especially with labor. You would rather just work that many hours and go for lower mileage car for less stress.

IMHO, I guess some people evaluate differently.
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