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Originally Posted by 3x Beemer View Post

There is a repair shop (they like to think they are high end) here in Hamilton that charges more than the dealerships. My son brought a car to be safetied and emission tested and walked out with a 1900$ estimate for everything but the work he requested. It was noted that front and rear brakes required new pads and rotors. Pads were more than 70% good and rotors have no gouges, and no wear Measured new rotors at 22.5mm while his were 22mm. Car had not been driven for apprx 6 months so some surface rust. They indicated brake pulsation which we could not replicate. Had one of my cars in for safety and they replaced rear springs of which one was broken which was legit. There too they added 40$ for environmental and compliance fee and 30$ for disposal fee.
Also $70 labour to replace cabin filter which would take all of 30 seconds.
I am planning on complaining to Ministry of Transport, Safety stds. etc
IMHO this is downright robbery. Please correct me if I'm wrong
It's worth the drive to RMP.
If Oakville is closer to you check out AutoEvolution .. great place.
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