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Alright there has been progress with the build-- Lots of Research and hounding professors to give me some knowledge.

I am going to be making pretty basic bars out of something similar to 50Cr Spring steel, Just something that is easy to calculate with. From research Ive found better materials can give different effects, although alot of the work going into the bar is just for a set roll stiffness.

I am going to be making sets of adjustable mounts-- this is where the gains are, and where most of my time will be going. By setting a pre-load on your stabilizer, you can effectively use it as a variable rate spring, which gives higher roll stiffness per degree that you roll. Some circle track guys use this for "cross forcing", but what you are really doing is creating a moment on the LBJ, "holding" the wheel to the ground harder when it wants to lift more.
I plan to make the main body mounts include a tensioner, which could be used ideally without having to remove a wheel. (Set up at the track might take a while) The endlink will also be adjustable, although I think the dynamic part will be in the preload.

Midterms are rough, so posts might be staggered. Hopefully have the first set mocked up around Xmas.
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