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If I didn't firmly believe that this was not the "best country in the world" I would not waste another second of my short life living in such "sub par" conditons. People immigrate to Canada for the soul purpose of finding a more "enjoyable" life. Every country has its disadvantages, some have great advantages.

I'm going to list some of them

Easily accessible skiing
Easily accessible beaches
Easily accessible national parks with a wide variety of biodiversity
Low crime rates
Justice system that is based on common law which can be modified and set for precedent
Multicultural acceptance
Gay acceptance
World class entertainment

Would you like me to continue?

Is it possible for a black person to move to Italy and be widely accepted? Not a chance in hell and that's a very unfortunate thing.

That right there would disqualify a huge majority of "good countries"

Ask your self this?

Do you live in tornado alley? Do you live in a war zone? Do you live where a tsunami can wipe out everything you own?

I can go on and on.

A lot of you people think "omg this country is so shit for xxxxxx reason"
And concentrate on that one fact and don't see the bigger picture.

My comments about telling people to leave are a little ignorant but thank heavens i live in a country where i can speak freely. Unlike a ton of others.
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