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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
Lol your stereotype makes your comment and any future post you write highly irrelevant. Your so ignorant it'll make anyone in a professional work environment sick. Take a step back and reflect on your life because you seem like a very angry person.

My prayers go out to you...

I'm in a very professional work environment right now and I'm not sick. Your pro-Canada viewpoint is great and all but don't think for a second that if this guy is charged with assault, that we still live in a great Country with a "relatively stable" justice system as you put it.

It seems apparent that you don't seem to understand the implications of this case for the justice system and future court rulings (precedence). Would we still be relatively stable? Yes. Compared to being beheaded and tortured, yes. Would our justice system be stable? No. Absolutely not.

You have some very strong (and in my opinion, ignorant, viewpoints). Canada is not even close to being the BEST place in the world to live in and to tell someone to MOVE out of the country is quite silly. It's equivalent to tell someone to sell their BMW if you hear them complaining about the fact that their fuel pump just died. "SELL YOUR CAR BRO!"

See how silly that sounds?

Calm down.
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