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Here is the picture.
My tranny cooling rad had a pin hole and leaked about 4 ounces of fluid out of that tiny little pin hole. I got it welded by a specialst aluminum welder so that was solved. My mechanic and I solved that problem 2 weeks ago.

And all of a sudden three days ago TFS pop's up on my dash and I have been having a lot of fun with the zf tranny and m 62 engine whenever there is a straight but nothing crazy i rarley push it to 6k rpm.

Iam going to disconnect the battery and use sand paper and sand down the positive and negative since I do notice a bit of corrosion on the connectors.

Im planning on ordering some red line fluid for the tranny with filter and magnetic drain plug. and red line for the rear axle..


I got my car scanned plenty of times. I need 5 codes come up and they all have to do with air sensors.
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