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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
bias has a lot more to do with other things than rotor diameter. piston diameter plays a big hit up some online calcs to check it out. likely fine but id want to make sure.

you come from audi/vw world where they try to find the biggest shit possible and bolt it on . doesnt mean better braking or modulation compared to a 4 or 6 piston set up. just more bling really at the end of the day. Which is fine ..just as long as you realize that

really you can only break as hard as you have grip. if you can over come your grip easily than its doing you no good. more heat soak helps too but even oem brakes dont have that issue typically on e36 m...(i know you have a 328 baller turbo )
as with most bigger/multi-piston calipers, the ones on on the 18Z and my 8 piston version are staggered in size to control pad wear.

I didn't buy my kit based on size or piston count like you seem to think. I bought it due to price and due to the stock 328i brakes being crappy.

Also for my driving style and power goals even M3 brakes will be too small. Of course the bling never hurts either

As for tire grip, I'll be rocking these:

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