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Draft Beer vs Bottled/Can Beer?

Hey Guys

Okay, so I think I am fed up with this. I was out earlier today with a few colleagues after work. Didn't drink much tonite at all, 2 pints of Budweiser and an Irish car bomb.

I'm at home now feeling like complete shit. Like I want to vomit.

About 2 weeks ago, again, had draft beer from a pitcher and again, felt like shit and wanted to vomit.

Now Im not some amatuer 16 year old getting into drinking. I know my limits, how much I can tolerate, etc.

Recently it's started to affect me alot more. I always noticed with draft beer I'd get drunk faster but almost always get sick.

So what the ****, is it me, or other people out there also in the same boat with this draft beer shit?

Anyway, I'm switching to bottles for now on because I can't tolerate vomitting after 2 pints, which is completely rediculous.
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