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Originally Posted by E30325 View Post
Thanks for doing this. Awesome job

I'm having a custom set of BBS RS's put together. And need advice on what the offsets should be set at for fronts and rears.

Car - 1991 e30 325i 4 bolt
Suspension - full ground control coilovers
Wheel sizes I want - 16x9 rears with a 3" lip, 16x8 fronts with a 2" lip

What offset is going to get me flush without spacers?
Thanks in advance.
F 16x8 +10 195/45 or 205/45
R 16x9 +15 205/45 or 215/45

Only need a fender roll if you use the 215/45 rears. If you want super-flush drop the offsets by 5mm and use the 195/205 tires.
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