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ive been a victim of a random crime, ive been jumped with a friend of mine by almost 15 somalian's late one spring evening when I was a teenager. got the living shit kicked out of me and was lucky to run away with only a bloody mouth, fat lip, black eye and a boot print on the side of my head. Im lucky to be alive as I was also knocked unconscious for a moment as well.

I can still say with absolute confidence that this remains to be the greatest country in the world. In other parts of the world after your post you would have been dragged out onto the street and shot. Or tortured. which ever you prefer.

have you seen some of the inhumane things people have down to other people around the world?

go look up "man accused of being a witch burned alive" on google and see what you find.

if you dont have the stomach dont watch it. But in other countries things like Public beheadings, people getting shot for protesting or scarce water supplies are so common its desensitized the population.

so be thankful that you have a relatively stable justice system, as well as accessible food, water and a roof over your head.

because you sound like a rich kid that got a honda accord instead of the mercedes you wanted for your 16th birthday
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