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Non-BMW Collision - suspension help.

Hey guys! I used to own an E36 but had to sell it for various reasons in life. Maxbimmer, you guys have helped out a lot and I figure you guys might be able to reach out and help me one more time. I posted this to bimmerforums as well. So here it goes.

This is actually regarding a 2006 Mazda 3. Friend recently got into an accident; her front wheel was hit. The top of the wheel was pushed towards the major axis of the car, so the wheel has a lot of negative camber. It's out of alignment and the steering wheel has to be turned something like 60-70 degrees to the left to drive straight.

I took it to a shop and they siad they'd have to replace the spindle, the shock and the LCA, which seems legitimate to me. I'm not entirely sure however if all those parts MUST be replaced and what a reasonable quote is for a non premium car, such as a Mazda 3. Obviously on your E90s, this kind of accident would cost a lot. My friend's just looking for an economical solution.

Pics will be posted tonight to show the extent of the camber.
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