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Originally Posted by bigcletus View Post
330zhp, when did you import it ?? Did you bring a recall letter from the US ??? No visit to BMW dealer here ?? Were DRLs turned on in the US ??

Sorry for the ??? but I want to get as much info as possible.

Brought it over the border in May, Yes, all the recall papers had to be in order before it left the USA. A BMW dealer down there did a PPI and an update of the recall notices was inclcuded in that service. They also did the DRL's. This cost a few hundred $'s but is necessary. Upon delivery I simply took it to a Canadian Tire to get the Canadian stamp of approval. You have a form that crosses the border with the car which you must present to Canadian tire within a limited time-frame. I also immediately went to a very good import (and independant) service shop in Barrie and he went over the car for me also as I still had the option of returning (a great benefit in dealing with Sportscarlocate!) it if I was unhappy. He thought it was a great find, very sound in every way. He was NOT a BMW dealer but services older BMW's MB and other higher end imports. Mine being a 2005 had no warranty so his inspection was important for me.
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