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Rant on Greenlife water - knocking on your door

I rarely rant on anything, but I feel compelled to share my "encounter" with the deuche knocking on my door today from Greenlife Water.

First of all Mr Greenlife knocks on my door at night and my wife answers and hears the tragic story that we have problem water on our street and everyone must install a water filter in the basement right away. It sounded like a municipality water issue and my wife called me to come to the door to talk to the guy.

Extremely arrogant student type about 22 years old with a clipboard was telling me that I had Chlorine in my water, and he would need to inspect my home and water meter to "Qualify" for a filter.... right. Chlorine is supposed to be there moron. I told Mr. Deuche I am the original owner of my home for many years and no one with a clipboard needs to see my water meter, unless it is my Municipal governement representative.
I asked for documentation on this and inched in closer all he really had was a cliboard of a sheet of scribble notes with checkmarks and all he was doing was re-writing over the same checkmark over and over as it he was actually doing something important fliping 2 pages back and forth.

Then with a condencending tone and showed me a photo of a water inlet pipe and meter and he wanted to see it and said "trust me you need a filter". No goddam way this f**ker was getting any from me, and if qualification was something on his mind he qualified for an ass kicking. I challenged him where he came from and said I was going to follow up with the Town.

I sent him on his way and googled and found 100's of links to complaints about Greenlife and one link indicated that they had issues where police asked to be called if Greenlife approached a home.

Just wanted to share before these guys get into our homes of our friends and relatives.

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