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I didn't say don't go to school and don't do well and don't aspire to do better. I just find it amusing how most people think that after school they will land a super high paying job, and will be making CEO level salaries in just a couple of years. I feel that too many people have been lied to their entire lives and I guess I've just heard it from so many people that it's become amusing.

Trust me, I've heard it from ALOT of my former class mates and good friends....... They were going to take COURSE XYZ and then when they finish earn SALARY ZYX!... That they knew so many high level execs and jobs were gauranteed for them upon graduation. Their parents had such great connections for them, they were going to be handed a job.

It never happened. Big talk, big hype. No finish.

My base salary is $40K. My bonus this year will be just under $5K. I get $2,500 of medical benefits, and have recieved various awards/compensation over the last year that have totaled in at $2,000. I also get share ownership.

I got my job at a career fair.

My former class mates are still talking shit about how they couldn't get that job and how the odds were stacked against them, and how their friend couldn't hook em up because of the bad job market.... etc.etc...etc..etc.

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