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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Sorry, I didn't clarify.

Everyone says they know someone and they have jobs lined up... Except they don't, it's just bragging rights on the internet.

Yes, knowing some people helps. However it also depends where and the context of knowing them.

For the big corporations, they won't hire you if you just know someone. You still need the credentials. The credentials for a reputable company are typically steeper than a 2 year diploma.

Anyway, I don't really care, I just find it ammusing.. Please post up your $250,000 contract when you get it at the end of the your 2 year diploma.
It's a 3 year course, I get nothing except a chance to do well on some CCNA and CompTiA+ certs. You get paid based on work experience and the certs you currently hold. Lucky the gf's uncle is head of marketing for Oracle. Having someone who can get you in touch with the correct people is really what you need in life. It's just like his RIBO exam. That's what my college will be based upon. What exactly are you doing sirex? All I see is lots of posts and nothing about moving forward in life about yourself. I can tell you, I sure don't want to hold $14/hr job anymore with barely enough to show. This is all about positive movement forward in life to attain things you want/need. I want a family sometime and drive a fancy car. In order to do that, you need some kind of schooling or a way in. For me, I need both as I want to make a lot more then 40k+yr. As for the payments, yes my mother is willing to help me out, and yes I'm doing some of it as well. Books and other resources come @ my cost which is just as much as the courses.
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