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If it is leaking and thus creating a smell it has to be hitting something hot, like the manifolds or exhaust and thus a VCG again makes sense, it could also be the CCV. Keep in mind neither will leak enough to show a loss of fluid per say and all it takes is a drop literally to get a smell. A oil housing gasket came to mind but unlikely to reach the exhaust unless a massive leak (it is ont he other side of the block (but still worth a look).

I had a pretty bad valve cover gasket leak that being lazy I waited a few months to do and by that time it was bad enough to drip just enough, but that should be VERY visable when you look around the gasket and the manifold heat shield area, may even hit the o2 sensor on top. Pop the hood, a bad vcg should be diagnosed in 2 minutes or less. Mind did drip just enough tp cause the RARE burn smell and smoke (again rarly ever did).

If it is as you may think the CCV, it could be the vale itself/body OR the hoses, may be a quick fix or a few diy hours.

Bottom line get it in a shop, hoist, degrease/clean, start/drive, back up on hoist and look.

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