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So im writing my OTL exam next monday morning on the 15th, I really thought this was the RIBO examination but RIBO and OTL are very similar.

OTL is 100 multiple choice questions while RIBO is was described earlier in the thread. Passing mark is still 75 percent.

the material I am studying is ridiculously dry, and incredibly detailed.

We just finished the General insurance and Auto insurance sections. I can not stress this enough, but this material is SOOOOO dry. Nothing exciting about it at all, not one bit. Its all terminology, but its not something that can be "remembered" it all has to be put into practice from what I have heard about the test.

Im really, stressing out over this exam since this determines if I stay employed or if I get canned. 1 shot, no re writes.

finding time to study is really difficult because I find my self getting home around 6:30pm from work. Also staying up till late hours in the evening is really really hard as the material is dry and I get very mentally drained.

just another week of this torture.. whats getting me through this is a quote from "goodfellas"

"He knew what went on at that cab stand and every once and a while I'd have to take a beating. But by then, I didn't care. The way I saw it, everybody takes a beating sometime."

cheers and much respect to the people out there who have their OTL's and RIBOS
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