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Originally Posted by TheMadChigga View Post
There's technically 2 versions, the sport package with tri-spoke steering wheel and sport package like the 97-99 cars, then 2000 on they are called M-sport package that the aero kit can be chosen or not, then the so called 2003 540i M-sport actually has M-tech 2 suspension which carries different part number.
I know I'm late, but this is not true.

Let talk about the 6 speed M62TU engine 540i/6 (DN53) for now.

There were 2 versions. Regular 540i which came standard with a "sport" package and an M Sport Package, option P337A. The P337A package came with M sports suspension II, M sports steering wheel, M Aerodynamics package).

M Sport Package P337A came to Canada for the 2002 MY. The first car was built on September 1, 2001.

M Sport came to US for the 2003 MY, however one pre-production test car was sold to the public which has a 2002 built date.

All 2003 US cars are M Sport. Canada on the other hand got 23 non-M Sport packaged cars and 51 M Sports in 2003.
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