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Originally Posted by mikebimmer View Post
LMAO. Under 2 dollars on realoem. Wow some people that drive bmws can't afford them or their parts/maintance. Sorry for these guys. Good luck with your monthly payments.

Search the part.

Before you make stupid assumptions about what I can afford and not afford you should take a second to think that there may be a reason as to why I asked for a $1.50 part.

My tail light is being held on by tape right now so I need the part ASAP, but all 3 dealers I visited said it needs to be special ordered and then shipped in from Germany since it's not a regularly stocked/produced item.

I purchased the item online from 2 websites in north america and one euro website and the websites all have me on a backorder.

Take a second to think before you make assumptions, because I think anybody who drives any car would be able to "afford" a $1.50 let alone BMW's which are pretty cheap and affordable anyway.

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