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e30 common issues and problems

Guys I am new to the forums and a new owner of 2 e30's, so I appreciate your input. Ever since I was kid having lived in Europe I fell in love with the e30's and finally got a chance to get one. I think it's the one true BMW bodystyle - our cars are. The search button is not my friend so I apologize if I sound uneducated on the matters, but I would like your input..I come from the Honda world (cause they were affordable and reliable) but I am not generally mechanically inclined any help is appreciated.

So far...I've noticed some recurring issues with the several e30's I've looked at including the parts car that I own...

1. why does the dashboard crack on the e30's??
What is the solution? Replace the dashboard? Is it possible to repair the dashboard? What do you guys use when you clean the interior of your e30?? Meguiars, Simoniz or Armor All safe to use? I'd like to prevent dashboard cracking from happening on my non parts car.

2. Fan blower not working on 1, 2, 3 but working on 4?
What is the solution/issue with that?

3. Driver's side door lock doesn't work, it will either turn side to side or won't move at all?
What is the solution/issue with that?

4. Ripped leather shifter boot on manual transmissions
I find that you gotta push the shifter knob so hard to the left then up to engage reverse it feels like I am going to rip the center console out.

What is the cause/solution to that? Shouldn't it be more smooth?

Thanks again..

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