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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
How about this: Dyno Shootout Day @ Streetpower

Sean is a great guy, there is food and drinks and music.. The first one was pretty good..

Can't go wrong with $30 for 2 pulls.
This is not crapping? So, if you're trying to sell a car or a part I can post in YOUR thread and offer my or my friend's car or parts? Good to know.

Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
You're generally not allowed to tune during a dyno day... it take a lot of work to organize one and even more work for the operators to keep it on schedule.

You might be able to work something out with the dyno owners though for another time or after the dyno day
I answered this before, but you need to be reminded. You are NOT organizing this, you DO NOT know what the owner will or will not do, you are NOT in any way involved in this, yet you're giving an answer to a question that was not posted to you. How is that not crapping?

Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
if that's how you feel, deal with it.

I'm pissing you off because I'm correcting you? Got it. So basically, you can post nonsense and not be corrected.

I'm not crapping in your thread I simply stated facts. Load dynos hp/tq readings are easily manipulated that change the output. Dynojets cannot.

how about no, or how about this is a public forum and how about you starting a thread doesn't give you the right to tell who can and cannot post.

How about YOU leave if you don't like who posts on these forums.

I haven't done anything to attack you in anyway, so go fly a kite.
There was no correcting me, there was only your opinion.
You ARE crapping on my thread (see above). Not facts - opinion.
Anybody can post in my tread, nobody can crap in it.
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