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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
LOL no... load dynos can be altered very easily to get whatever number you want.

Actually, funny thing is MOST dyno owners will try to calibrate their load dynos to show as close as possible to a Dynojet, because they know the dynojet will always show the real numbers. There is nothing to screw with, no adjustments to be made and you can just change some variables to move the HP figure up/down the way you want it.

The DJ calculates HP by using a fixed reference. The mass of the drums.
That can be debated... and actually, I would be very interested in an intelligent discussion comparing different dynos, but I won't go into it with you because... well, because you're a douchebag.
At the risk of turning this thread into something that it wasn't meant to be... you're beginning to piss me off.
Where do you get off crapping on my thread?
If you're not interested - DO NOT POST. Simple, no?
I am asking you nicely, stop crapping on my thread... Karma - she's a bitch.
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