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Originally Posted by Dysantic View Post
Thats really weird. I thought Canada was a developed country. How did you find an internet black whole in the country? lol

I guess you could take a blind stab and call someone like Shaw or something like that although I think they are mostly southern Ontario though.
You'd think, but there are some rural areas that can't even get DSL because the infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Where I live we've only had DSL available since 2004 and that was only because I was calling Bell 4 or 5 times each year bitching that my neighbour half a km up the road has DSL but I can't get it. They always told me that there was some field work that needed to be done to increase the number of connections out my way and that they'd let me know when it's been upgraded. Eventually I was able to get in. Then for the longest time my next door neighbour was pissed because he still couldn't get it lol.
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