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I know lol but I've become attached to the car and currently its at a shop getting about $4000 worth of work done to it ; most of the car getting resprayed, full front suspension overhaul with control arms and everything, brakes all around, and a bunch of other stuff and it would be sad to see her go especially since shes gonna be all freshened up after this week with the work being done. And an m54b30 can be picked up for around 1000$ plus or minus 100$ with around 140,000kms. Ive seen someone do the swap on e46fanatics and he said it wasnt hard at all. Wiring was all good and it was a straight drop in minus the drive by wire problem in which he had to buy the intake manifold conversion plate from turner motorsport and use an m52b28 intake manifold. I think with a set of Schricks and a tune i would be more than happy with the results for the money spent.
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