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323ci S54 or M54b30?

So for this upcoming spring I wanna get some kick out of my little 323. I was wondering what a better swap would be. The S54 is expensive and I was wondering if all i need is the motor itself? Will my stock tranny hold up to the extra 150hp if I just get a new staged clutch? Motor mounts and axles? I dont plan to launch the car hard or beat on it often, just want to do that pull every once in a while. Or would the m54b30 swap be better for around 1000$ and then drop in cams or something else so that I end up spending around $2500 total and still push roughly 250hp? I would like to do the S54 but unfortunately cannot afford the complete swap with tranny and lsd and all of that . M54b30 with cams and headers should be a big enough increase from my 170hp 323. what do you guys think?
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